Admiral Byrd flight 1947 – The Earth is hollow


“In 1947 Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal sent a naval task force to Antarctic including Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Krusen and Admiral Byrd, called “Operation Highjump”. It was  an expedition to find “coal deposits” and other valuable resources, but in actuality
they were trying to find the underground base of the aryans  in  Neuschwabenlandt. The nazis had done a very detailed study of Antarctic and were alleged to have built an underground base there.
In this regard however, the aryans have had an underground
habitation in Antarctic for more than a million years. They flew over as much of the continent as they could in the short three month “summer” period, mapping and recording
magnetic data. Magnetometers show anomalies in the Earth’s magnetism, if there is a “hollow” place under the surface ice or ground, it will show up on the meter.”

Neuschwabenland is Ostantarktika coastal region, extending from about 12 ° West to 18 ° East and 70 ° to 75 ° South, an area of 600,000 km ². The name comes from Schwaben, the German ship to Antarctica Expedition 1938-1939. Neuschwabenland forms the western part of Norway supported the Queen Maud Land. This claim is not recognized internationally.”





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