The Book – ” Alien Races ” by Dante Santori

Race Ramay


” A very peaceful race! They tried to co- exist  with us! Acording to the book they are the one’s that “created” the Mayan  civilization by taking humans from different place on Earth and place them in South America. They have a very scientific temperament. They taught the mayans abouth astronomy and time . They left the mayans and the planet when this culture was at it’s highest in splendor! After they left the mayans started the sacrifices and blood offerings in their name! This race has visites us many time after that. They come from Capella , constellation Auriga. They visited last in 2001 in Bora -Bora .  “

Race Mazarek


They come from constellation Camelopardalis from the 1.300’s to early 1.900’s (human calendar). They were not allowed to leave their planet by other alien races. They are a very violent and predatory alien races. They have been involved with the race Maitre as allies .They grow to 1.6 metri . Last seen on Earth on august 2001.”

Race  Al – Gruualix

Al- Gruualix

“They come from contellation Cetus near  Deneb Kaitos Shemali. Although they are often confused with reptilians. They do not share anything with them except the appearance. Their height is around 2 meters and can live up to 350 years. This is one of 21 mentioned races that have more that 2 genders( sexes) . This race has 8 different genders and all of them can reproduce when in sexual contact with each other no matter which the purpose for their visitor to Earth is unknown. Last spotted near Lima ( Peru) in december 2004.”

Race Kyllimir – Auk

Lyllimir- Auk

” They come from constellation Volans . The sightings of this race on Earth are rare. They are a Mystery . It is said that they were forbidden to visit Earth around the year 1.000 BC, but that they did not stop coming to our planet completely , because of their allies the race Maitre . Last seen on Earth december 1989.”

Race Kurs


” Believed  to be directly related to the race Anunnaki. They come from planet Dillimuns. They are “behind ” the story of Enlil and Ninlil. They are aka “Gods of Lands” They were directly involved in the development of the human race. After centuries away from Earth they have recently returned. It is writen on the Arb that their own rules is among the visitors. This time they are not leaving anymore. They will have an important role on the years to come. They spend time immersed in a gold precious liquid, presumably that extends their life span.”

Race Allgruulk  Aka  “The Builders”

Allgruulk- the builders

“They come from constellation Sculptor . They derive from a race of reptilians that does not exist anymore. They are specialist at building ships and other devices needed for space traveling. They are also space travellers themselves always searching for new raw materials. They can live up to 230 years and were last seen near Tokyo ( Japan) in 2005. ”

Race Kiily – Tokurt

Kiily - Tokurt

“This race come from constellation Vela , near the star Suhail Al Muhlif . They grow 2 meters high and live up to 200 years. They can shape – shift but are incredibly hard to detect . When they do it the only thing they cannot change is the size and colour of their eyes. They are one of the olders know alien races. They do abduct humans.”

Race Pleyadiyans


” This race come from Solar System surrounding the Pleyadiyes stars. More precisely from planet Erra near the star Taygeta. They are often associated with spiritual growth. They can grow up to 2.5 meters. They practice “sex cultivation” . The distinct difference between their sexual expressions and their sensual emotions. Their  source of transportation is their intergalactic spaceships which are also known as beamships. Although they still visit Earth . They have mainly remained silent since 10.000 AD. They are one of the oldest race of aliens in the known Universe.They continue to develop the mental skills necessary to eventually reach their goal… an even higher spiritual state! ”

Race 2017

” These have only contacted humans 1 time in 1935. They come from Galaxy UDFJ 39546284 estimated distance of about 13.2 billion light years ( yes … billion!).  They travel using some sort of ” Worm – hole” that allows them to “bend” space.  The only report of their presence was in the former USSR in 1935. Acording to the Arb they spoke a kind of a slavic dialect. They were tall , blond , had long hair and “smelled like flowers”.

El – Manouk


“They come from constellation Grus near star  Alnair. They are considered to be one of the most peaceful races. They created the alliance of the “5 races ” but are not part of it. Those are 5 races that protect our planet from “darker”races. According to the Arb they “coined” the sentence  “5 Universes , 2500 species , 1 Race.” Last seen on Earth on september -2002.”

Race Afim


“They come from constellation Lyra . They call themselves “Afim Spiantsy” . Small in stature,  blue spotty skin. Their planet is Called Crimea Ai- Petri. Their technical level of development is such…. That they can get here from their planet in 20 earth minutes! They do not need oxygen. Largest percentage of their planet’s atmosphere is hydrogen. Colonized 10 planets in non- violent ways.  When they are close to humans they cannot be seen (if they don’t want to ) . Their space ships are small and sphere like. They visit us to study “human deviation” This activity is important to them in determining the future development of the human race! “

Solipsi Rai


” Harmonious race in all aspects , they have 1 main leader his name is “Ymartyyn”. Their civilization is 2 billion years old ! Once They were on the same level of development as ourselves. Solipsi Rai race has no colonies . They are focused only on the development of other planets. They come from constellation Cygnus they do have 1 powerful weapon that… keeps all other hostile and violent races in “order” ! Race Maitre lost 5 spaceships because of it! They say that we (human race) still have 645 options for the future of our planet! But the correct options will depend on our ability to move people into space! They are race “Solipsi Rai “But we call them the Gray”

Anunnaki aka Anunakene


“Arrived from planet Nibiru . Their planet enters our solar system every 4.000 years, and not every 3.500 years (or so ) as commonly accepted they resemble the likes of men but they are bigger in stature ( 8 = 2.5 meters) . According to the book when they arrived on Earth …. there were already others powerful beings on Earth (with supernatural powers). The anunnaki defeated them and became the “new rules” . They genetically engineered the human species in order to… have a race of slave at their disposal! Samael and Lilith were  the anunnaki’s king and quenn. They were not aware of the presence of reptilians on Earth. They only cooperate with one other alien race… The Zeta Reticulai the “Zeta “are no to be confuses with the  “race Maitre ” or the race Solipsi Rai aka the Gray . Eventually the Anunnaki left Earth (reasons unknow however , before they left they created a Sub – Species of the “Zeta”. This sub-species eventually became the rulers of Egypt aka Pharaohs until…. the reptilians (by means of infiltration ) under their reign! The Anunnaki aka Anunnakene were beings that gave birth to such legends as “Giants”. They will return one day however . That date is still a Mystery . “

The book of – “Alien Races” by  Dante Santori

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