The Book – ” Alien Races ” by Dante Santori



” Live on planet Tengri galactic sector 56 star system F- 1342. They live underground . Planet Tengri is home to 10 million of their species. Visited planet Earth for the first time , about 10.000 years ago. They do not need an atmosphere or water to survive. They have one space ship that can accomodate 5 million of them. Throughout time they have had several contacts with governments of Earth. “


“They come from constellation BATTERAY -planet SVOK . Their spaceships have a conical shape. Their apperance resembles thet of humans. They only have 6 spaceships left. Colonized by other races. First visited Earth 2.500 years ago. Extremely interested & intrigued by our religious beliefs. he race that is considered to be weakening. “



” Small creatures growing to 70 centimeters.Come from the sixth star in the Constellation COMA BERENICES. They ahve 3 home planets colonized 10. They were one of the earliest aliens to visit Earth. It was them who started the stories about elves. They have abducted over 10.000.000 humans throughout history . Last time they visited our planet was in January 2006 in New Zealand. The group consisted of 20 individuals.”



” Their growth is two and half meters. Complex structure of the skull, visited planet Earth 20 times purpose : kidnapping people reproduction, turning them into the slave. They have stolen 520 people. They arrive from a third star in constellation CETUS. They have 2 home planets. Colonized 40 planets with the help of slaves. 10 planets were taken by force. They work with 3 more races. Eat protein foods, mostly animals. Not ready mentally to interact with other races. Their 2 home planets chemical composition is similar to Earth. They are supposed to reveal themselves to mankind in 2022. “



” They have 2 home planets Constellation Megopei . Same height as humans race of “parasites”. Visited Earth for the first time in the pre- historic period kidnapping of humans is carried out openly. Wanted to colonize Earth …did not happen.(yet) due to protection from other alein races! Race of hermaphrodites their life span is 120 years, colonized 26 planets. On Earth they’ve kidnapped about 5.000 men. Visited Earth about 200 times. Last visit was in september 2006. ”



” This race comes from constellation Sextans . They crashed one of their ships near the town of Varginha in Brasil in 1996. 2 Of the occupants are under USA custody (they paid a huge amount of money for them. According to the arb they have the fastest ships amoung all alien races. Last seen on Earth february -2002. near Varginha Brasil again! “



Known to be a very peaceful race. They have 2 permanent bases somewhere in South America. They are 100% nocturnal . They are not interact with humans and are “shy” . They “harvest” rodents and insects by the thousands every month reason? unknown. Last seen near Oaxaca , Mexico in 2003. At least 3 of them have been under Brasilian military custody for over 12 years. They are visited by their own species every 20 years. The next visit should happen in 2016.



Race “The Invisibles” – this race has been known to be “seen” in very higt -security places. They are almost completely invisible to the naked eye. Both the Russian and the USA military developed technology that allows them to track them down on radar(the ships) but not the beings! 3 things are known:

1. They leave a sour smell when they are around.

2. when they are by windows you can see a “smudged – like “figure”( ghostly -like)( have been “caught”on cctv)

3.when dogs start barking with no apparent reason they most likely are nearby (them or reptilians). They come from constellation Mensa Their purpose is unknown.



“They travel from Constellation Indus . They are known  for their “peace -making” abilities as well as their technology. The first sighting on Earth goes back to 1.500 B.C. According to the ARB they met with JFK & other world leaders.Have not been seen on Earth sience JFK’S death. The ARB says that in 1965 they gave a message to all governments with nuclear capability the contents! unknown!”



“According to the ARB this race has contacts with 3 world governments. but not USA, Russian or any other main one’s. They have been visiting us for 3.000 years and are violent in nature. They come from Constellation Horologium, and are allies with the rase Maitre. “


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