The Book – ” Alien Races ” by Dante Santori


”    In the 1980’s a copy of this book was found on a field in Buryatia , East Siberia. That copy ended up on the hands of a kgb agent with friends on the media , after the collapse of the USSR. Some ( only some) of the information and images it were leaked! Years later some of that leaked information was used as inspiration for the making of a few different video games. The most well known is “Mass Efect” All they was helpfull to discredit the real book but the book did not “die” amongst russian’s tsa. The book still exist and now used an up dates. “




“Supposedly this is the race that started the mith of Elves (Elf). They are sighted often in the Germanic countries , deep in the forest . They are not known to be lethal to Humans, however they are known as being “pranksters”… it seems thet they are enjoy scaring Humans when these get too close. It has been reported that they have lured Humans away from their cars in order to steal their possessions…once the Humans are far away from their vehicles(and they already have stolen what they wanted). they frighten them which makes the Humans leave the location. Last sighting :Near München , Germany in December 2001.”



“Their origin is unknown but there are reports stating thet it takes them near 2 Earth  years to get this planet. They are survivors of an extinct Reptoid race and do not possess the same level of technology or unknowledge as other races visiting Earth. They do have some Human characteristics, such as skin. In 1977 or 1978 , near Siena (Italy) ,2 of their species were captures after landing behind a church on ruins…3 day later they were transfered to a USA air base still in Italy and finally taken to an undisclosed location where, supposedly , they still remain… contacts have mentioned somewhere in the South Pacific or in another USA base near Japan. The USSR APIS/3 was able to get a hold of 1 video recording of this species. Last sighting :January 3 2001 , near Victoria , Canada.”



“Their origin is unknown . They are often seen near(or flying by) volcanoes. Identified due to the exquisite nature of their ships) . They have never contact Humans and there are no report of violence or abductions. Even though they are discreet their presence on Earth is frequent and they do not try to hide from view. There are several contradictory reports about their appearance. Last sighted off the coast of Norway , in 2000. “


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