Andromeda Council Updates from Tolec for Mid-January 2014

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Tolec has some fascinating updates on the Andromeda Council web site. Check these out.  Many things we don’t understand and can’t—because our physics is lacking—are transpiring before our very eyes. There’s a whole different reality awaiting us, if we will but ‘see’ it.  ~BP
Another indicator of the coming dimensional shift:
01.13.14.A number of you have asked about a very large ‘sphere’, a “ball of energy”, recently discovered near the Sun, looking like nothing we have ever seen before.  Here is the video you have all is what I have learned about it:   a.)  it is a sphere of higher dimensional energy    b.)  this sphere is a being… a sentient, intelligent life force  c.) this life form comes from Menkent in the Centaurus constellation – in the southern hemisphere [you can research this location using “Stellarium” star chart software]  d.) it is a truly magnificent…

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