The most brightest planet in our Solar Sistem, the Sun

Mary Rose day start with her breakfast and coffe. Her breakfast is very important part of the day. If she do not have anything else to do , she go out to see other humans. Mary Rose love humans but not all the time! She consider them very wild and not upgraded.

Are you ready for another journey around the Sun ? Mary Rose love space and she is extremely discreet regarding with her space and friends from space ,  out of space .

Friend: – When was your first time when you penetrated the Sun ?

M.R : – Long time ago …

Friend: -How long ?

M.R:- I said long time ago !

Friend: – Can you specify the terms “long time ago?”

M.R: – About ten years .

Friend: – You did alone that journey ,   means you go alone inside the Sun?

M.R: – Yes!

Friend: – You was alone inside the Sun ?

M.R: – Not at all . I go inside the Sun over a tube and after I deconect my self from that tube when I was inside the Sun and I  start to walk around.

Friend : – Can you specify what you saw there?

M.R – No I can’t!  I am sure you do not believe me if I tell you what I saw.

Friend : – Try me

M.R : I saw a ” car”  was a spacecraft  who changed the craft with plasma from the Sun.

Friend : – How do you know they charge the spacecraft?

M.R : – I know !  I was inside and I saw something round full with plasma from the Sun .  I presume was the motor of the spacecraft .

Friend : – You presume or are you sure ?

M.R : – I am sure !

Friend : – Can I ask you how many times you return there ?

M.R : – Inside the Sun ?

Friend: – Yes

M.R. : – No , you can’t , but I will tell you another journey around the Sun. Are you ready ?

Mary Rose ,  Zeta Reticuli ,  Reptilian and another extraterrestrial being  what Mary Rose can not identify ” it is something I saw on Mars ”  met together. Mary Rose was very scared when saw an not identify extraterrestrial being. He  felt her and start comunicate with her telepathically. Was something very funny because ,  the extraterrestrial did something amazing. He take Mary Rose on his back and jumped in to the Sea with her , pretending is  a dolphin.   For Mary Rose was such a full positive experience ,  full with love. They become friend after this experience.

After the connection with the new extraterrestrial being was successfully completed the four friends  take the journey into the Sun.

The four friends transfer them over a bridge in into the Sun. All  the time inside was together.  The bridge was very narrow and Mary Rose was between her extraterrestrial friends because was scared of how narrow is the bridge . Mary Rose start comunicate with Zeta Reticuli telepathically asking him

M.R : –  You see that spacecraft how big it is?

Zeta almost start to laugh and respond back telepathically

Zeta Reticuli : I think it is bigger than your planet ,  isn’t it ?

M.R : –  Yes , It is !  They come for charging  their  spaceship!

In that journey they saw many spacecraft’s  some : small, medium ,  big ,  extremly big and gigantic spacecraft construction.

It is quite miracle what others can achieve to be so advanced in technology and we four , we are so lucky to have access to see this extremely advanced technology .


The Giants from Terra  (c) 2016