This blog was designed by   Ciucur Nadia Maria.   It was made ​​of hobby. My hobbies are information technology, advanced technology and highly advanced technology. I love nature and  animals – all.  I like chocolate ice cream and  cold dry wine. Oh I forgot to say : I am in  Milky Way Galaxy  – I am from Terra the old Tiamat.  

My Master Degree was made in Information Technology with 8.75 , specifically the 3 – D Secure Protocol used in banking transactions and online payments – E@commerce. 3-D Secure protocol was developed by Visa to improve the security of Internet payments. It was developed by Visa with the intention of improving the security of Internet payments and is offered to customers under the name Verified by Visa. Services based on the protocol have also been adopted by MasterCard as MasterCard Secure Code, and by JCB International as J/Secure.


Any comments made with direct intention of  defamation to the website or to the person admin will be subject of law. Any other attacks to the admin as: racial, ethnic or religious in online or out off-online will be subject of law. 




6 thoughts on “Administrator

  1. I have a contribution to make to this subject, 3 years and counting recording at the sky in a personal research about extraterrestrial live, living in permanency here. I started late 80s and made interruption because of family. At 3 years ago, i started to register patterns from different objects in the sky, i am blessed in having a “high altitude highway for UFOs” where i live (outside USA).
    I am not an expert in video, all my videos are “naked and raw”, in a way of speaking, not Hollywood type productions. My cam its a handy cam, I use software to trace satellites, ISS, meteors and planes in real time, binoculars and telescope.
    I am not seeking “the spot light” the “ones” who know what they are see, can jeopardise my life.
    Reading the Santori Book i was amazed when i crossed all the information in there with my research. Much more i have to say…
    I have 54 yo, single father of one 12 yo, degree in computing sciences and telecommunications, worked in a NATO communications center. Speak and write Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. Thank you!

    • You must understand something! This is my personal website. I do not represent any private organisations, government organisations or government agencies! I am not interested in entertainment industry us you see. I do not have anything with NATO and NATO doesn’t have anything with me. Thank you for visiting my website and next time when you comment on platforms try to not detailed your personal life us I am not interested! Have nice day! 😇

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