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When A become friend with B

Was a nice day in 2009 when A meet B . The first meet was in the night. So B come to  visit A. The first reaction of A was: A  heard something breathing next to .  A  open the eyes and near was B. The second reaction of A was : Wtf is this?  and jump near to wall. A remember very well because when jump to the wall A had strong feeling of pain.  B in a few seconds start to communicate with A . The all communication was telepathically. B tell to A is save and B transmitted all love to A.  A receive the message telepathically and was convince B is a good being and can trust in B. So the contact was a peaceful contact and B invited A to follow him. A just thinking about morning when A need to go in some place , but in the next second B transmitted to A another message. B tell to A it will be back until morning so will be not any problem to be on time where A need it to be. So together they go in the night. In all travel A comunicate with B and ask when will arrive in that place. They go in a nice place in which place B show to A many things. The first location was somewhere near to some sea, but A had some filling that place was in another part of space. They stay together near to the sea and have some chat telepathically. In time when they communicated A see C and ask to B who is that? B told to A : I will explain you later but first I want to show you something. Near to the sea B start to show to A many holograms with many species and near to the hologram was some kind of equation to create them. A see all that holograms and ask to B what is this? B explain to A in fact everything what you know about everything was create from us. So B explain to A how can manipulate ADN and create other species. B invited A after that in the place where A near to the sea see C. They go inside and A see something like catenation but was extremely big. B explain to A what they see is ADN. B explain to A how can manipulate ADN and create other species if you have the equation to create them. A was extremely excited what learn from B. B tell to A : C is one of ours best genetically engineering. After that B invite A to follow in another place, in which place was other beings. When they arrive to the place A was waited for other beings who was extremely happy to see A. A was hug for others and one of them when hug A start to crying. A receive the hug and all message telepathically and one of them who hug and start to crying said to A: you can’t imagine how long I wait you to return! A received the all hugs from them levitating, because they was very big in comparison with A. Was a nice feeling for A to feel all love from them. After that A was invited inside in a nice place with other beings and they was very happy to see A. They invite A to sit down on a special armchair , and when A sit down all beings start to have recognition to A and give to A some sceptrum to A.  A was confused and just look around what’s going around ?  B just smiled to A and say : for me was a privilege to bring you up. A received all messages telepathically. After that all that beings become friends with A. They are friends.
After that A return to home . After few months later A had another visit but the second was more interesting. A receive the message telepathically and open the door. When open the door the first think of A was:Wtf again? So A meet D. D invited A to follow him so A thinking : why not? A received message from D will be back until morning so A go with  D.  In a few seconds A was in a place like spaceship and D start to communicate telepathically with A and explain where they are and show to A all equipment from there. A see on that ship someone who seems like C but was few seconds because C go in another part of ship. D tell to A from now A need to go somewhere and A received the message telepathically. A go in another ship with teleportation. Before to go D tell to A to not be worry because others they will wait for you. So A was teleported and when arrived there other beings wait for A. Was a very nice and friendly meeting where A meet other beings friends. They show to A many galaxies and leave A to go wherever want.  A remember a conversation with another being when ask : Can you tell me please where I am? The being was very normally to see A and respond to A telepathically : you don’t know where you are? You are in zeta! A received the message telepathically and thinking : Wtf is zeta? In that time when A comunicate with that being see something like ship.Near to that ship was a lot of beings and they wait the ship to arrive. A think: they travel in space like us with bus?!  They are extremely advances in technology. After all A become friends with B ,C and D. They are friends and sometimes they miss each other.

A is human being from Terra . B and C are same species Draconians  . B is Draconian with wings and C is Draconian without wings but with long tail very muscular . A – had a feeling about C probably was a Draconian female.  D is Zeta Reticuli.

Note: Attention! Copyright THE GIANTS FROM TERRA (c) 2015