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A wonderful day at Buckingham Palace


HM Queen Elizabeth II

HM Queen Elizabeth II

HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH The Price Philip, Duke of Edinburgh



















My souvenire – Thank you Buckingham Palace for this lovely day. I will return with pleasure 🙂



When A become friend with B

Was a nice day in 2009 when A meet B . The first meet was in the night. So B come to  visit A. The first reaction of A was: A  heard something breathing next to .  A  open the eyes and near was B. The second reaction of A was : Wtf is this?  and jump near to wall. A remember very well because when jump to the wall A had strong feeling of pain.  B in a few seconds start to communicate with A . The all communication was telepathically. B tell to A is save and B transmitted all love to A.  A receive the message telepathically and was convince B is a good being and can trust in B. So the contact was a peaceful contact and B invited A to follow him. A just thinking about morning when A need to go in some place , but in the next second B transmitted to A another message. B tell to A it will be back until morning so will be not any problem to be on time where A need it to be. So together they go in the night. In all travel A comunicate with B and ask when will arrive in that place. They go in a nice place in which place B show to A many things. The first location was somewhere near to some sea, but A had some filling that place was in another part of space. They stay together near to the sea and have some chat telepathically. In time when they communicated A see C and ask to B who is that? B told to A : I will explain you later but first I want to show you something. Near to the sea B start to show to A many holograms with many species and near to the hologram was some kind of equation to create them. A see all that holograms and ask to B what is this? B explain to A in fact everything what you know about everything was create from us. So B explain to A how can manipulate ADN and create other species. B invited A after that in the place where A near to the sea see C. They go inside and A see something like catenation but was extremely big. B explain to A what they see is ADN. B explain to A how can manipulate ADN and create other species if you have the equation to create them. A was extremely excited what learn from B. B tell to A : C is one of ours best genetically engineering. After that B invite A to follow in another place, in which place was other beings. When they arrive to the place A was waited for other beings who was extremely happy to see A. A was hug for others and one of them when hug A start to crying. A receive the hug and all message telepathically and one of them who hug and start to crying said to A: you can’t imagine how long I wait you to return! A received the all hugs from them levitating, because they was very big in comparison with A. Was a nice feeling for A to feel all love from them. After that A was invited inside in a nice place with other beings and they was very happy to see A. They invite A to sit down on a special armchair , and when A sit down all beings start to have recognition to A and give to A some sceptrum to A.  A was confused and just look around what’s going around ?  B just smiled to A and say : for me was a privilege to bring you up. A received all messages telepathically. After that all that beings become friends with A. They are friends.
After that A return to home . After few months later A had another visit but the second was more interesting. A receive the message telepathically and open the door. When open the door the first think of A was:Wtf again? So A meet D. D invited A to follow him so A thinking : why not? A received message from D will be back until morning so A go with  D.  In a few seconds A was in a place like spaceship and D start to communicate telepathically with A and explain where they are and show to A all equipment from there. A see on that ship someone who seems like C but was few seconds because C go in another part of ship. D tell to A from now A need to go somewhere and A received the message telepathically. A go in another ship with teleportation. Before to go D tell to A to not be worry because others they will wait for you. So A was teleported and when arrived there other beings wait for A. Was a very nice and friendly meeting where A meet other beings friends. They show to A many galaxies and leave A to go wherever want.  A remember a conversation with another being when ask : Can you tell me please where I am? The being was very normally to see A and respond to A telepathically : you don’t know where you are? You are in zeta! A received the message telepathically and thinking : Wtf is zeta? In that time when A comunicate with that being see something like ship.Near to that ship was a lot of beings and they wait the ship to arrive. A think: they travel in space like us with bus?!  They are extremely advances in technology. After all A become friends with B ,C and D. They are friends and sometimes they miss each other.

A is human being from Terra . B and C are same species Draconians  . B is Draconian with wings and C is Draconian without wings but with long tail very muscular . A – had a feeling about C probably was a Draconian female.  D is Zeta Reticuli.

Note: Attention! Copyright THE GIANTS FROM TERRA (c) 2015

Mars Anomaly Research


Please take some time and checkout this important web site.

Mike Brown

Remember that all visual evidence at this site is drawn from, verifiable in, and supported by the official science data. Links to the associated official science data is always provided to both encourage and facilitate verification. Absolutely no evidence alterations have been made except to enhance clarity. There is no need for a leap of faith. If ever in doubt, pursue the verification process and prove it to yourself.

This is just one example of hundreds of photos that show anomalies on the planet Mars.

Also many photos of anomalies from the Moon, underwater anomalies and NASA tampering evidence.

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